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Diploma in Education programme (Managed by Dong Zong)

Scholarships for Teacher Training

Diploma in Education programme

What do the scholarships offer?

  • Two-year part-time Diploma in Education programme for in-service teachers in Independent Chinese Schools (ICS).
  • The programme is taught by lecturers from National Kaohsiung Normal University and Changhua University of Education
  • This programme is managed by Dong Zong
  • Scholarship amount up to a maximum of RM4,000 per teacher.

Who is eligible?

  • Applicant must be a Malaysian Citizen
  • Applicant must be a teacher in ICS
  • Applicant must have a recommendation from principal of respective ICS
  • Preference will be given to teachers who have served 1 year and above in ICS

How to apply?

  • Get the application form from ICS
  • Submit application form to ICS
  • ICS will submit the application form to Dong Zong
  • Scholarship results will be announced by end of October 2018