Scholarship for Postgraduate Diploma in Education with UM 2023

Application Criteria 申请条件

1. Applicant must be Malaysian citizen
2. Applicant must be accepted by the Faculty of Education, UM for the PGDE in Chinese Language prior to the scholarship application
3. Applicant must have a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Chinese Language/related courses with CGPA 3.33 and above
4. Applicant’s family combined monthly income should be less than RM6,250
5. In the event applicant is married, family combined monthly income will be calculated based on the income of the applicant and his/her spouse
6. Applicant should not concurrently hold any other scholarship, sponsorship and bursary or study loan during the prescribed period of award
7. Scholarship will not be considered for more than one member of the same family in the same year unless circumstances exist to warrant an exception
8. Applicant from members of the immediate family of Board of Trustees of YCF, Awards Committee Member and YCF corporate secretaries/treasurers will not be considered
育才基金受托人, 奖学金事务委员会及育才基金董事会秘书或财政直属亲属之申请将不予以考虑
9. Successful applicant (i.e. YCF scholar) shall apply to Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran (SPP) upon graduation and provide proof to YCF. In the event that placement did not take place within 6 months upon graduation, YCF scholar will be required to serve in Independent Chinese School (ICS)/SMJK/SJK